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During an appointment with the Director, you will be given a registration form. You will have to complete it and return it to us. Your child will be definitively enrolled once the registration fee has been paid.

Maria Montessori, who as a child swore she would never become famous or a teacher, became a doctor and then became interested in child development. As a scientist she took particular care to observe children to understand their development and then took up and improved material that had already been developed by Jean Itard and Edouard Séguin.

The material which initially isolates a characteristic (height, weight, colour, width, temperature, etc.) enables the child to appropriate a concept and the associated vocabulary.

The Montessori Pedagogy does not impose any rhythm or programme. The educator's role is to observe the child and to propose the activity that corresponds to his stage of development in order to keep him intellectually nourished. In this way, the Montessori pedagogy adapts to the needs of all children because it is adapted to the needs of each child.

With rare exceptions, Montessori schools in France are public schools without a contract, whether they are associations or not. In other countries the Montessori pedagogy is the pedagogy usually used by state schools.

The Montessori pedagogy guides the child on the path to independence and helps him/her to adapt to his/her environment.
If the transition from a Montessori class to a traditional school is easy, the opposite is less so because the Montessori child is generally more inclined to autonomy.

Montessorians can easily integrate into any structure, even if they are expatriates.

There are no studies yet to support or contradict this thesis.

At the Montessori School in Neuilly-sur-Seine, English is spoken by half of the adults whose mother tongue is English.

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